omniX Labs, EverWash's advanced vehicle analytics and AI platform, has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent to the company: US Patent No.11,551,447. This Patent further strengthens omniX Lab's intellectual property position and coverage for not only the car wash industry but also other industry verticals moving forward.

"Our now approved patent demonstrates omniX’s commitment to developing innovative and world-class insights for the vehicle car care markets, including Car Wash, QSR, and Oil & Lube," said Anoop Kanthan, omniX Labs CEO. "This is just the beginning for us, and will further omniX’s AI and prediction capabilities that drive value for our customers and investors."

Titled “Real-Time Video Stream Analysis System Using Deep Neural Networks,” the Patent outlines how omniX-patented inventions process video camera streams in real-time and apply multiple complex neural network object recognition models to make sense of and communicate what is happening for a given scene — all in the cloud.

With the approval of this Patent, onmiX Labs is now the only company in the industry that can utilize video streams to make sense of consumer behavior at retail locations. These technologies are currently being applied at omniX-powered car washes and quick service locations across the country, driving analytics and pulling insights previously hidden to sales and operations managers.

"Our investment in omniX Labs not only helped bring additional value to and product offerings to EverWash and our wash partners, but also helped further strengthen our position as technology leaders in the car wash industry," said Scott Caplan, EverWash CEO. "This new patent further supports omniX's innovative nature that continues to push the car washing industry forward."

The Patent was originally filed on June 6, 2019, and approved on January 10, 2023. You can read the complete Patent here.

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