When we first started an IoT & RFID services company, we were helping companies with a critical issue: a lack of visibility into their facilities and operations. Giving businesses real time visibility not only helps with minute-by-minute operational needs, but also gives the high level analytics layer to drastically impact the top and bottom line.

While we were providing a much-needed solution to such a critical gap in visibility, we kept running into familiar themes: businesses did not like dealing with the complexities of the hardware component (tags, readers, etc); It was expensive, not just the upfront capital cost, but also the ongoing consumables cost, and regular maintenance; the disruption of existing internal processes; and administrative overhead. So how do you get past these hurdles? Our answer is to use existing hardware that businesses already have: security cameras, which are mostly underutilized unless there’s an incident. Our next step was to turn them into an intelligent sets of eyes.

We invested heavily in machine vision technology. In the past few years, machine vision’s ability to break down what’s happening on an image/video and detect and recognize objects has evolved to business-ready status. So now as omniX labs, we offer an advanced machine vision platform that enables you to reuse your existing surveillance cameras to give you visibility into what’s going on at your locations in real time. A non-invasive solution with no additional hardware or integration required. Simply connect your cameras to omniX and our neural networks translate that data and feed it back to you into insights via our portal.

If you’re interested in learning how omniX labs can help your business, visit our website.