Imagine one day you decided to sit and watch every single customer drive into your store… what would you be able to see? The types of customer vehicles — is it a BMW or a Toyota, sedan or a minivan — the time of the day, total duration, who purchased what… it’d be quite the productive day!

But what if you wanted to know more than what’s visible to the eye, to really understand patterns and trends? And what if you had more than one store to monitor — in multiple states or regions — with different dynamics and volume at each? Would you go to every location, pen and paper in hand, documenting the license plate and customer behavior for thousands of customers? Probably not.

But you already have a set of eyes watching every single customer come in and out: your security cameras. If you’re only using them for surveillance or whenever there’s an incident, you’re missing out.

That’s where our software comes in. We simply connect omniX to your existing cameras and turn those underutilized cameras into an intelligent set of eyes. omniX powered cameras can tell you exactly who your customers are and the actual behavior of each customer. Go a step deeper, understand how many customers are repeat or new. Maximize customers’ value and customer experience by analyzing packages or promotions that best align with customer patterns. Know exactly how seasonality, local events, timing affect your business. Our artificial neural networks pinpoint not only who has come before, but also who is likely to come again, and what type of volume by customer type will be there tomorrow.

Seeing is believing, and your cameras are seeing everything in real time — it’s only a matter of making them intelligent.

If you’re interested in learning how omniX labs can help your business, visit our website.