In an era in which app-based purchases provide instant gratification and one day shipping have become the norm, the modern day consumer is becoming ever more demanding with little patience to spare. This is why businesses in every industry are under immense pressure to find ways to digitize and become more competitive.

Compared to a fast food drive-thru that may serve hundreds of customers each day, businesses like oil and lube stores are under greater pressure to maximize the quality of each touchpoint. Due to fixed service space and fixed amounts of time required to service vehicles, managers of oil and lube stores have fewer levers to pull to increase profitability and customer satisfaction. With leading technology and existing security cameras, however, the savvy operator can improve in several key areas.

A long line is one of the easiest ways to discourage customers from spending their money at your business. If the potential customer had visited for the first time because of word-of-mouth or paid marketing, then the torment for the business owner grows further, as he sees the marketing dollars go to waste on someone who is unlikely to return. For oil and lube stores in particular, a line of waiting cars is an effective repellant and a long wait time makes the visit a particularly poor experience. Because omniX visually tracks every single visitor and their visit duration, omniX is also able to track drive-off rates and analyze each store’s visit patterns. Understanding historical trends in customers’ behaviors is the first step towards preventing drive-offs, or potential customers that turn the car around after seeing the lines. But even more impactful is the operator’s ability to make immediate changes, with real-time notifications when wait times are exceeding the typical metrics. Rather than hearing about it from employees after-the-fact, the manager can jump on the problem as it occurs.

Oil and lube stores naturally have fewer visitors than say, a fast food drive-thru, which means each opportunity to increase average ticket size is more valuable. An operator can leverage omniX to configure unique up-selling opportunities based on the purchase history. This type of personalized offering helps vastly increase the average ticket per car. For the operator with additional profit centers, such as a carwash or c-store, omniX provides the ability to track visit patterns across profit centers and alert attendants with effective cross-sell messages to customers. Just as important is ensuring that customers that do get serviced are kept happy. Customer satisfaction largely depends on quality of the service and speed of service. By leveraging omniX’s ability to identify and recognize each vehicle that visits your store, oil and lube store operators can reduce service time based on previous purchase history. Instead of extending the service time spent with a repeat customer by manually pulling up their purchase history, attendants can receive notifications as the car pulls into store premises and instantly know what to expect.

Lastly, the surest way to know the performance of each store is by visually validating metrics. This includes preventing fraud and under billing, tracking true visits and conversion ratios. An accurate and real-time measurement of performance across staff shifts is an effective way to boost revenue and ensure a standardized customer experience. Increasingly, oil and lube store owners have multiple locations across a variety of regions. Rather than having district managers driving around to check on store managers and analyze past records in person, omniX gives real-time portfolio metrics to manage effectively and in timely fashion.

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