Delivering AI-Powered Solutions Designed Exclusively For Oil Change and Car Care Industries

At omniX Labs, we know that running your business comes with its unique set of challenges. That's why we've developed technology to not just support your operations but to transform them, making your business more responsive, efficient, and profitable.

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Increase Revenue with Intelligent Upselling

Maximize Revenue with Tailored Upselling

Leverage our data-driven insights to precisely upsell services based on the comprehensive history and specific needs of each vehicle. Our automated marketing campaigns then follow up on these tailored recommendations, driving customer return visits and boosting engagement.

Data-Driven Service Recommendations

We know that increasing ticket size without being pushy is crucial. omniX empowers your technicians to offer personalized service recommendations by accessing detailed vehicle histories, current needs, and manufacturer guidelines through our intuitive Sales Navigator technology. This approach not only enhances targeted sales but also positions your team as trusted advisors.

Automated Marketing for Repeat Business

Our automated marketing tools engage customers after they leave, reminding them of upcoming services and offering personalized promotions based on services they declined previously. This keeps your business top of mind and encourages repeat visits.

Hitting Service Time Goals & Avoiding Drive-Offs

Efficient Service Management

Nobody wants to see drive-offs happen. Our computer vision-driven monitoring systems ensure that every service is performed efficiently and to the highest standards, reducing wait times and increasing the throughput of customers — crucial for your bottom line.

Predictive Staffing and Resource Allocation

Our AI-driven performance prediction tools forecast demand, enabling you to optimize staffing and resources accurately. Provide prompt service during busy times and reduce unnecessary labor costs when it’s quieter.

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Join the omniX family and experience how our technology can elevate your service offerings and dramatically increase your topline revenue.

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Loss Prevention and Billing Accuracy

Real-Time Equipment Monitoring & Invoice Verification

Address billing inaccuracies and potential fraud head-on. Our real-time vision analytics ensure that every service is recorded and invoicing accurately, protecting your revenue and building customer trust while preventing revenue leakage.

Long-Term Business Planning and ROI

Your investment in your business should yield measurable returns. Understand how well your current or to-be-acquired business is doing against industry standards, competitors, and demographic trends, to maximize profitability.

Customer Trust and Satisfaction

Transparent, Engaging Service Experience

One of your primary concerns is building and maintaining trust with your customers. Deliver personalized content to educate customers on the services they are receiving and can consider receiving in the future.

Personalized Customer Interactions

Every customer wants to feel acknowledged and valued. Our Sales Navigator tailors its recommendations based on a vehicle's past services and model-specific needs, ensuring accurate service suggestions by understanding service histories from multiple providers.

The omniX Advantage

Say goodbye to the "Grease Monkey" era and welcome a refined, efficient, and customer-focused service environment of The Store of Tomorrow. Our technology platform provides a transparent, clean, and personalized service experience that not only attracts new customers but also turns them into loyal patrons. You’re not just running a service bay; you’re leading the future of car care.

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Join the omniX family and experience how our technology can elevate your service offerings and dramatically increase your topline revenue.

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