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Grow Wash Revenues, Streamline Operations, and Increase the Value of Your Business With Patented AI-Driven Technology
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About omniX Car Wash Analytics

omniX Labs empowers car wash operators with AI-driven analytics that increase revenue, streamline operations, and maximize business value.

Drive more sales, increase membership conversions, and grow your revenue by utilizing actionable insights from weather, traffic, and demographic data alongside real-time video streams.

Our comprehensive solutions provide the clarity and control you need to enhance performance and prepare your business for success.

Increase Wash Revenue With Smart Analytics

Unlock your car wash's full revenue potential with AI-driven analytics that simplify operations and help you stay ahead of your competition. Use data to deliver a customized vehicle care experience that dramatically boosts customer retention and satisfaction. Advanced vehicle recognition and data inference capabilities ensure your wash is optimized for performance, enhancing your customer experience and keeping them coming back.

Drive Customer Retention and Winbacks Using AI

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning models to predict customer needs. Our patented technology analyzes and interprets customer behavior, empowering your staff to customize offers and services proactively. With advanced data inference, you can understand and anticipate your customer's needs, offering targeted promotions and personalized services that enhance loyalty and solidify your brand as their go-to car wash provider.

Operational Excellence, Redefined

Harness your own data for real-time performance tracking and proactive management, reducing downtime, increasing volume, and keeping you ahead of the competition. An interactive dashboard provides insights to understand and streamline your operations — from optimizing resource allocation to reducing wait times — ensuring peak efficiency and maximized profit margins during all periods.

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Predictive Power at Your Fingertips

Predict both short-term and long-term performance to ensure strategic growth and maximum profitability. Leverage analytics to predict next-day sales volume by the hour and forecast sales potential for any North American location. Optimize your investments using AI-powered insights, ideal for mergers and acquisitions, Brownfield and Greenfield projects, and benchmarking.

Core Products & Features

WoWo™ - Wheels on Wheels Off

With WoWo™ intelligence, map your customer's journey from entry to exit. Identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and improve customer satisfaction by analyzing WoWo times. This real-time analytics tool helps prevent tunnel pile-ups and maximizes throughput.

Sales Navigator

Increase your membership sales by detecting first-time and repeating non-members, generating the best sales pitch in real time to help your staff make the sale. Reduce customer and staff fatigue with targeted messaging based on a customer’s visit history.

The result? A 5.2% increase in existing membership sales and a 15.6% membership conversion rate based on actual sales navigator notifications.

Smart Tunnel Screen

Reduce churn and stay connected with your customers by recognizing them in the tunnel and personalizing messages to create a unique experience. Integrate safety messages while engaging customers with interactive content and targeted upsell promotions.

ReWash and Loss Prevention

Prevent fraud from rewashes by using AI to compare actual wash counts to your Point of Sale records. Machine vision and vehicle search capabilities can validate insurance claims. Understand visit durations and patterns to optimize your operations further.

Loader Efficiency

Maximize the ROI of your tunnel by monitoring and managing your Loader’s efficiency in real time. Increase tunnel throughput, account for queue and non-queue scenarios, and see performance across Loader shifts.

Member Validation

Powered by EverWash

Ensure each member uses the vehicle registered to their account. omniX-enabled cameras cross-reference visiting license plates with your membership database to identify discrepancies, alerting members to update registration info or add a family option as needed. This service is powered by EverWash and is available for any EverWash-powered membership program. Learn more here.

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The omniX-Powered Car Wash Journey

Recognize & Personalize

Recognize and classify customers in real-time as they arrive. Provide attendants with the appropriate pitch scripts to help convert visitors to membership plans or increase ticket sizes based on past history. Target whom you want, when you want.

Great Store Experience

Create an efficient and engaging visit by collecting attributes and customer preferences to make them feel recognized and differentiated. Deliver a personalized and fun experience that keeps them coming back.

Measure & Manage

Utilize our agnostic platform to measure and manage your portfolio's KPIs. From sales performance to wash and wait times — even drive-off rates — our platform summarizes your location's performance and suggests areas for improvement. Think of it as an AI-driven manager across all your locations.

Perks & Cross Sell

Post-visit, inform customers of slow and busy times at your location to balance out volumes. Communicate promotions and other perks they can redeem from your partners and brands. Drive new memberships and win back past customers by harnessing the power of your partners and other brands as a benefit for your customers.

Performance Prediction

Optimize your investments using AI-powered insights. Predict next-day sales volume by hour and sales potential for any North American location — ideal for M&A, brownfield and greenfield projects, and benchmarking. Predict short and long-term performance to optimize your investment with insights from our deep learning capabilities and various referential data sources.

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By integrating omniX Car Wash Analytics in your location, operators can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and significantly increase the value of their business. Get started today and see how omniX can transform your car wash into a high-performing, high-value operation.

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